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Chemical Plant

Chemical Plant is a stage in Sonic Generations. It is the 2nd stage, and the 2nd in the Classic Era. It is a power plant full of chemicals. In Act 1, it's completely normal. In Act 2, it's being destroyed. The enemies in this stage are Spinys and Grabbers.



Classic Sonic starts out to two roads that lead to a mechanical room with machine claws leading to a pool of water with Mega Mack rising.


Modern Sonic starts out with Combo Tricks and special ramps leading to the two roads with a section with Mega Mack rising and a section with the chemical plant self-destructing.


  • This stage is exclusive to the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions.
  • Instead of this level, they picked Casino Night for the 3DS version.


Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit